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Choose how many undies you’d like to receive monthly.
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Build Your First Bag

Lucky you! We are letting you customize your first BootayBag. Make a selection from the options below to come in your fist bag!

Please note: the undies you select are for your first bag only. Next month go forward, we will curate your bag for you based on your style preference!

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    So Cute Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Rise & Shine Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Keep in Touch Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Star Watch Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    In The Stars Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Need Some Space Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Drunk In Love Thong Select
  • image-alt
    On The Front Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Countdown Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Oh My Dot Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Walk This Way Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Back At It Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Barely There Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Emily Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Barely There Bikini Select
  • image-alt
    Dream Big Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Fearless Ease Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Beyond Me Thong Select
  • image-alt
    In The Stars Thong Select
  • image-alt
    All For One Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Whisper This Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Go Figure Cheeky Select
  • image-alt
    Highs & Lows Thong Select
  • image-alt
    Just Peachy Cheeky Select
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For a one-time purchase of $10, grab our featured bralettes this month! This is not an auto-renewing charge.
  • image-alt
    *The Just Peachy Bralette
  • image-alt
    *The It's Always Sunny Bralette
  • image-alt
    *The All Weekend Bralette
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-- $13/Month

Placing your order enters you into a monthly subscription starting on the 15th of the following month for a $-- charge.


Your Monthly Bag

    This is what you can expect to recieve monthly with your auto-renewing subscription.
    After your first bag, you can update your preferences at any time.

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