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We're 4!

We're 4!

Holy shit. BootayBag is FOUR. Can you believe it? We can hardly. And DUH, we wouldn’t have made it to FOUR without you loyal AF babes!

I started BootayBag on my apartment floor 4 years ago because SOMETHING had to be done. I just could no longer bring myself to wait in line at another VS Semi Annual Sale. The unorganized sale bins, the over-bearing sales clerks, the ‘Angels’ everywhere you look, and the much over-used scent of Love Spell body spray. LIKE WHY was this the best option for underwear shopping? It wasn’t long until I realized many of you shared my same feelings. The amount of stress that went into shopping for something so intimate, yet an essential piece to a woman’s every day.

So I figured, ‘Someone’s gotta do something about this’, little did I know it would be me. You know when you have that thought, ‘OMG, someone HAS to invent ‘x’ to solve for ‘y’’. It was exactly that thought. It was a real issue that needed solving, and I was the inventory. Plot twist: I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Even bigger plot twist: I still don’t. HOWEVER, I’ve learned a shit ton. So here it is:


1. Underwear should be affordable. Why did I have to wait for the VS Semi Annual Sale to get affordable cute + sexy undies? Real talk: I was not about to be checking out at Target with a pre-packaged 4 pack of semi-cotton Hanes…

2. Comfort can be cute. Secrets revealed: When I got into buying wholesale underwear (before BB had our own label), my options were camel-toe-lace, or cotton. I couldn’t understand why those two styles couldn’t be one (minus the unwanted camel toe). When I started designing our label, I had one focus in mind: mixing comfort + cute.
3. You need more than basic black thongs in your underwear drawer. Listen, us basic babes need basic undies. BUTT* we also need those ‘feel good’ pairs.
4. ALL WOMEN are Angels. You can be any shape, size, color, you name it - you’re an ‘Angel’. Marketing campaigns used to only feature 2 women: 00 and plus size. Wait, what? What about the in between? Did you know our social feeds are primarily made up of user generated content? Yep, it’s real. It’s you. It’s me. It’s authentic.
5. Underwear is the most requested, LEAST donated item in women’s shelters. We were blown away by the demand for women’s underwear in shelters. Women need undies, and we’re doing our part to help with that in more ways than one (and encourage you to do the same!).
6. STOP listening to the noise. Ok, this last one has nothing to do with undies, but just a reminder that there is a lot of noise and BS in this world, especially on social media. Everyday I remind myself to stay true to the brand, our mission, our community, and bust out the best product + service for our babes, sans noise.  

    I am SO beyond proud of this brand, our small but mighty all-female team, and of our expansive women-run community that continues to amaze me with the support and love you ladies give. Yes, we read ALL the comments on social. Yes, we hear you. Even better - we’re listening. We are coming together and creating some really cool shit… so with that — Cheers to 4, to a new decade, and to all you lovely ladies rocking your BB undies. Thank you for allowing us at BB HQ to do what we love every damn day.

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