These Style Tips Are A Must-Know To Slay Your Holiday ‘fit

These Style Tips Are A Must-Know To Slay Your Holiday ‘fit

The holidays will be here in the blink of an eye and with this time of year comes loads of shopping, extra cooking and festive decorating. Of course, this holiday season will be unlike any other; we’re ditching many cherished traditions in order to keep our loved ones safe. But, that doesn’t mean you should forgo your annual holiday outfit... just change it up (and make it cozy)! You don’t need to buy anything new (but we won’t judge if you treat yourself to a little something extra in this month’s BootayBag). Rifle through your closet and spice up your low-key celebrations with these must-know style tips:


There’s no such thing as too much flannel

Whether you’re styling a cozy flannel and leggings or a classic flannel pajama set this month, you can’t go wrong with this holiday staple. Relax in your favorite flannel and best BB Never Thong style for the perfect at-home ensemble. Bonus points for a little lace or ruffle to spice up your look. For this year’s holiday fit, we’ll take comfort and style while wrapping presents and baking cookies. 


Layers, layers, layers

Layers are an underrated style trick, especially this time of year. Let your fave BB set peek out from underneath a neutral tee, topped off with a comfy cardigan. Keep the bottoms simple with a pair of your favorite joggers (or ditch them all together), perfect for hanging out and watching holiday movies with the fam.


Sweater weather 

This year’s canceled holiday parties mean pants are optional… and that’s a new tradition we can get behind. Embrace the ‘new norm’ by throwing on an oversized sweater paired with 1 of 2 (you pick your fave) of BB’s December bralettes and let it all out while cozying home alone. Light up the fireplace, make yourself a big glass of (spiked) hot chocolate and curl up for a well-deserved nap, it’s been a year.


Confidence is key

When it comes to style, confidence makes all the difference. Regardless of if you fell victim to the ‘Quarantine 15’ like most of us, be confident in yourself in the clothes you wear. So throw on your favorite fit, strut your stuff and post that pic (and don’t forget to tag us) people will notice your confident attitude and gawk over your comfy outfit!

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