Staying In 101

Staying In 101

In the spirit of staying in, staying safe, and being smart during this worldwide pandemic, we wanted to share some things we’re doing to keep busy safely indoors (mostly on the sofa). 

There are plenty of shows on Netflix for endless bingeing and plenty of influencers on Instagram for effortless scrolling, but even we got bored with that. We’ve also run out of banana bread ingredients and instant coffee for our caffeinated, creamy delight that’s currently trending. With no more cabinets and drawers to organize and reorganize on repeat, we are sitting down and drawing up a list of other time fillers and mood boosters. 

What we’re listening to (Playlists): Staying home in silence is basically a crime. 

  • WFH Babe Spotify Playlist - We put this playlist together for all of our babes working from home right now. It’s a compilation of some of BB’s favorite office tunes - songs you can have on in the background while still getting work done, guaranteed to keep you motivated all day long. 
  • YEAH Girl Spotify Playlist - This one is for those 30 minutes of your day that you are dedicating to motion. Whether that’s a virtual at-home workout, TikTok choreography practice, or a living room dance party… get up and move your bootay to these beats. 

What we’re listening to (Podcasts): True crime isn’t going to solve itself. 

For the wanna-be detective:

For the motivation seeker:

What we’re reading: Obviously we’ve joined 12 virtual book clubs because why not. 

What we’re writing: The 411 on quarantine diary entries. 

  • Snail Mail - Handwritten cards to your family + friends double as an activity for you and an unexpected pick-me-up for them :) 
  • Weekend To-Do Lists - Hold yourself accountable to getting things done around the house on your off days. Reward yourself with streaming hours for every item checked off! 
  • Post-Quarantine Activity Listicle - Sunday brunches. Weekday HH’s. GNO’s. Travel. Things to look forward to! 

What facemasks we’re using: In between Zoom calls self-care. 

What DIY projects we’re doing: Research shows that Pinterest is seeing an all time high in page views. 

  • Tie Dye - Put your art skills to the test with these two inexpensive products: Hanes Sweatshirt + RIT Dye. We’re living for the white/sand combo. You can also grab a colored shirt and use bleach for a reverse dye affect! Both equally effective and trendy. 
  • All-Purpose Cleaner - Since cleaning supplies are hard to find these days, we’re making our own that is just as effective and not nearly as toxic! Pro tip: add your fave essential oil(s) to scent! 
  • Paint + Sip @ Home (Party of 1) - We’re no Picasso BUT this just gives us an activity to pair with the bottle of wine we’ve been drinking every night. 

This is also a great time to rediscover a passion that maybe has been pushed aside because we don’t have the time for it. Well, there’s no time like all of this time we currently have at home to bring back that old hobby. Point being here: find something to occupy your time that makes you feel good. 

We hope you find this helpful and useful while trying new things and keeping busy during this uncertain time. Be sure to tag us on social if you’re trying any of the above and also share with us things you’re doing that we may have not tried yet! 

Stay safe + be well! xx