Spring Cleaning (more than just your wardrobe)

Spring Cleaning (more than just your wardrobe)

It's that time of year... yes, the time where I color coordinate 1/3 of my closet and spray everything in the house with Febreeze and call it 'Spring Cleaning'. That's how it's done, right? Ok, maybe not... but who came up with 'Spring Cleaning' anyways? Why isn't there a 'Fall' or 'Winter Cleaning'? Even though I'm unsure who created such an event or why they did it, I feel succumbed to participate every year. That being said, this year I decided to approach it with a wider view.

This year I am 'Spring Cleaning' these 5 areas of my life:


  • Wardrobe
  • Social Media
  • Inner Circle
  • Diet
  • Mind
    Starting with my wardrobe, of course, it could use a little tidying up, and I'm not just talking about the clean clothes I like to leave in the dryer until I need to do another load... (I mean seriously, what's the need to move them from the dryer to the floor of my closet?).

    Looking at my collection of tops, why am I still holding on to the ones I know I will never wear? I've put together a section in my closet of items I haven't worn in the past 2 months that I am convincing myself I just 'forgot I had'. Now that they are in a very visible spot, those (if not all) that I do not pull out to wear in the next month will be voted off the island and forced to leave, immediately. In other words, donated to my friends or women in need. Buh-bye.

    Things I am holding on to (most likely forever due to my attachment issues), are pieces I consider 'key' as they can be dressed up or down, transitioned to day or night... versatile AF.

    These items include:

    • Plain white + black tees
    • Graphic tees
    • Neutral knits
    • Satin tanks
    • Solid or striped bodysuits (various sleeve lengths)
    Moving right along to what is probably needing the most cleaning... my social media accounts. I don't need Apple's new 'Screen Time' feature to remind me how much I am scrolling... I am WELL aware. It's like when Netflix asks if you're still watching... what's the point? I think we can all agree that now is a time we are scrolling the most across all feeds and channels and the content we are seeing is of an extremely large variety. I have decided that all I really want to see on social (especially at a time like this) is kindness, positivity, encouragement, and something that will give me a good laugh. What I also realized (which I'm unsure why it took me so long) is that I have control over this. See something you don't like? Unfollow. Next time you log on in search of some good 'morning skincare routine' or 'spring outfit inspo' content, check out your 'following' list and trim it back the necessary amount.
    It ok to unfollow people in real life too. When you think about your inner circle, the phrase 'quality over quantity' should be applied. Just a few years ago it was all about quantity, am I right? The more friends you had, the higher the chances of always having someone to do something with. I never thought I'd get to a point where I could comfortably say that I wish I didn't have plans sometimes. As you get older you begin to realize, 1. less is more, and 2. you don't have time for shitty friendships. If your inner circle runs deep and they are all real friendships and relationships that you value, power to ya! Keep it that way. But if your inner circle is large just to be large, maybe it's time to reconsider.
    I don't know about you, but Spring seems like the perfect time to work on that 'summer bod' with the change of seasons just around the corner. I'd like to think I have somewhat healthy habits already but there's always room for improvement. Here are just a few simple things I am trying to make a habit of this season when it comes to my diet:
    • Drink more water (easier said than done). Striving to have a full glass right when I wake up and wither every meal/snack throughout the day!

    • Add greens. Whenever given the option to add greens, take it! This could be an extra side with dinner, thrown into your morning omelet, or even added to a midday smoothie! You can never have too many greens.
    • Eat something every 2-3 hours. I don't know about you but I have what seems like the worlds slowest metabolism. Eating something (even small) every few hours keeps that baby in motion. Pro tip: Set reminders on your phone!
    • No late-night snacking. Really trying to cut off any and all food after 7 PM. I think I have a solve for this... asleep by 8?
    Clearly, I saved the best for last. The most important piece on my 'Spring Cleaning' checklist is my mind. 'Tis the season of eunoia. Eu-what? Eunoia is a greek word that means 'a pure and well-balanced mind'. Something I think we could all use more of right now! There are so many things overwhelming our minds right now. Here are a few things I am practicing to clean + clear my mind:
    • Fresh air. Not a runner and don't have a bike? The outdoors are for walkers too. Try and take at least 2, 30 minute walks each day (weather permitting). You don't even have to walk! Find an isolated bench to sit on and listen to your favorite podcast or playlist, or if you choose to, opt-in to listening to your surroundings and your mind.

    • Meditate. I never really got into meditating because my patience does not allow for such a thing. However, I found a work around. I've been reading a daily meditation every morning with my coffee and it's really been a great addition to my daily routine. Check out my favorite here.
    • Move. It is so important for you to move your body at least once a day in a way that you don't in your usual routine. If you choose to exercise (indoor or outdoor) go for it! You go glen coco! If you choose to blast a feel-good playlist (check out ours here) and dance like nobody's watching in your living room, I applaud you. If you choose to spend hours learning choreography for the hottest new TikTok, I won't judge you. Because this is me. Everyone's doing it, ok?
    • Practice your passion. You may have many passions, and I sure do hope that for you. But what is one of your passions that you can practice every day? For example, I am passionate about art. I try to dedicate time a few days a week to practice this. Whether it be an hour to draw in my sketchbook after work, a new portrait to paint over the weekend. Find your passion, and practice it wholeheartedly.


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