New Year, New BootayBag

New Year, New BootayBag

We can’t believe we can finally say goodbye to 2020 and hello to a freaking new year! As we head into this new year, our motto is “New Year, Best You” because we don’t believe you need a “new” you. The current you might need a few improvements, but she doesn’t need to totally be replaced like your old undies (please do us a favor and replace those, we can help ;)). So cheers to loving the current you with a few minor improvements, goals, and new BB sets in 2021. 

Before we can even think about what we need to be our best selves in the new year, we have to say goodbye to a few things we are leaving behind in 2020. We don’t know about you, but here’s a little of what our breakup list looks like: 

  • Unnecessary amounts of coordinating sweatsuits (only keeping 14/38)
  • Our wine subscription (okay maybe not a total breakup but cutting back on deliveries…)
  • “U up” texts (quarantine was lonely, ok)
  • Tie dye everything (not sure if it’s still trending?)
  • 12 hours/day of screen time (has anyone else figured out how to turn off these notifications?!)
  • Zoom happy hours (we’re ready for the real deal) 
  • Dirty laundry (we’re talking literally and figuratively)

Okay now that that’s out of the way, we can finally look ahead for what’s to come in 2021. Speaking of dirty laundry, we are here to help with the literal aspect of that (figuratively speaking, you’re on your own). Copious amounts of sweatpants: unnecessary. Copious amounts of underwear: totally necessary. Say goodbye to dirty laundry (or just laundry in general) and hello to getting new bras and underwear shipped right to your door every month (if you aren’t already ;)). 

As we were reviewing our goals for becoming the best version of ourselves in the new year, one of the top things on the list was to be kinder to ourselves and our bodies. We hope you feel as beautiful, confident, and unstoppable as we do when you slip into a new BB matching set. 

ICYMI - This year we are bringing so much new for our babes all based on your feedback and requests. You know we are listening, right? ;)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Member Early Access - Members have already gotten a taste of this one and we’re keeping it going into 2021. 48 hour exclusive access to secure your style and add-ons, don’t miss it! 
  • New Product Names - ICYMI all of our products (monthly undies and add-ons) are now named after all of you babes! This is our small way of giving back to our amazing community of women, so keep your eyes peeled for your exclusive style in an upcoming monthly bag! We can’t wait for you to meet the girls ;) 
  • Limited Edition Items - The Hideaway Set we released this month was just a little taste of what’s to come… if you missed out, don’t worry! There’s plenty more where that came from. 
  • Must-Have Rewards - If you’re a member, you earned double points all month long and soon you can put those to good use. ;) We’re dropping new rewards products soon and you are going to love them. The more BB swag, the merrier, right?! 
  • Updated Member Portal - This one has been a long time coming and we have been working so hard to improve your site experience based on all your feedback. A shiny new portal will be launching soon with easier navigation, updated discount field, better add-on shopping experience, improved rewards section, and so. much. more. 
  • Reworked Past Faves - You know we don’t typically restock our styles, however, we had some serious best sellers in 2020 that you babes practically begged for more of so of course we had to deliver. Keep your eyes peeled for some of your past faves making a comeback in new colors with improved fit and features all based on your feedback! 

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