Morning Routine

Morning Routine


It is Sunday at 8pm and I am preparing for a kick ass week.

I just finished up a face mask and turn on my humidifier. I crawl into bed with my planner and map out my week. FEELIN’ GOOD. I grab my phone, set the alarm for 6am and go HAM on the label because, when I see that in the morning, I will 1000% jolt out of bed with a pep in my step. Right?  

"Beep! Beep! Beep!” I look at my phone and hit snooze to calm the abrupt sound and I remember what I did the night before. The label reads, “Good morning, gorgeous! Today is a shiny, new day! Don't you dare think about hitting snooze. You are capable and beautiful and smart, plus you promised you wouldn't hit snooze, so, you can't. The day is waiting for you! Let's seize it!”

Truth is, I am not a morning person by nature. There. I said it. But, I do believe that through trial and error, there is a successful way for each of us to start our day. What works for a pal or badass influencer you admire, may not work for you and that is completely ok. I have done my research on morning routines and have tried nearly everything I have read and listened to. Through that, I found what works for me and I feel it is important to share.

Morning routine tips:
  1. Really. Do not hit snooze. In the moment, it can feel incredible to imagine even 7 minutes more of beauty rest. However, the reality is, you will be more tired and more inclined to hit snooze for a second time. Monitor your habits. If you set your alarm for 5:45am, but hit snooze everyday until 6am, do yourself a favor and set your alarm for 6. You will genuinely gift yourself 15 extra minutes of your best sleep.

  2. Make your bed. This small action may feel impossible as you are still waking up, but it is indeed small movement which allows the blood to start flowing. Making your bed is an immediate accomplishment and will leave you feeling less enticed to lay back down if you are dragging.

  3. Natural Light and water. Let your entire body wake up at it’s own pace, yes, this includes your eyes. Make your way to the kitchen and begin opening curtains along the way. Let the natural light flow in and pour yourself a tall glass of water. We dehydrate over night and treating your parched, hard working vessel with H20 is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I promise myself I will finish my glass of water before I consume any coffee or tea.

  4. Fresh air. While I finish my water, I step outside into my backyard for a quick, light stretch and a few deep breaths of morning air. You can accomplish this tiny task in all seasons by simply opening a window momentarily. Breathing in fresh air replenishes the body and cleans out the lungs.

  5. Gratitudes. I could write and write and write on how gratitudes have set the tone for my day. Like attracts like, it is science. It is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by the days to-do list, so do yourself this honor and acknowledge your gratitudes first. There are no rules about what you can be grateful be for, just mean it.

That is it. That is my morning routine. It takes me 10 minutes.

Listen up, I encourage you to try different things and see what works for you. If you don’t like the way it feels, don’t do it. I learned that less is more for me. I absolutely have a skin care routine, I drink my caffeine, I walk my dog, but adding every single thing I do in the morning to a list was overwhelming for me. I enjoy doing those extra things, but if I don’t get around to them in the morning, I don’t feel guilty for it. Figure out what works for you and commit.

Other tips:

Alarm clock vs. phone. Having an alarm clock wake you up gives you the opportunity to enjoy your morning routine (you time!) before you see your screen filled with notifications and distractions. Not to mention it is nostalgic. If you are using your phone, try putting it on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode before you go to sleep and do not switch your device back on until after you have accomplished your morning routine. You deserve that.
Sleep tracker. What happens to your mood and energy levels if you get more or less than the “recommended” 8 hours of sleep? Some people function better on 6 hours of sleep while others function better on 9 hours of sleep. We are all different. Knowing this about yourself could change your life.


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