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Loving Yourself (Down To Your Undies)

Loving Yourself (Down To Your Undies)

We all want the same love for ourselves that we are so able to give to others. Why is it so freaking hard?! Well, let’s start by getting down to the basics, and stripping down to our undies. ;) 

One of the most relatable things us babes can struggle with (let me know if you’re with me) is not knowing how to give our bodies the love it deserves. Learning to love you is not a 10 step routine like your nightly skincare... it is truly a journey of learning, experiencing, expressing gratitude and accepting that it is OK to be you in YOUR body. It is more than ok to fully be you, in full form. Mind AND body; in your best outfit or your undies (AKA your best outfit).

 We as humans need to normalize our beautiful minds, emotions, physicality; starting with our bodies. We need to normalize those beautiful lines, bumps, and grooves, as they are a sign of a ‘lived in’ body. They’re called ‘beauty marks’ for a reason. Those stretch marks tell a story; your story in particular. We are all unique individuals because no two bodies are the same. Embrace that uniqueness! There is, and will be, only one of you on this beautiful earth. 

Moving right along to our emotions. That emotional roller coaster you went on last week? That’s also normal. We all experience emotions, we are all human. Those emotions you experience shape you into the strong as hell person that you are today! Don’t forget to let those emotions come and go. Let yourself feel them, and then when you are ready, let them go. They build our minds to become stronger (even the ones we think of as negative; ex. anger, sadness, stress). 

Our body and mind is what keeps us here. They nourish us when we nourish them. So let’s nourish the heck out of them! They deserve it so much. The mind is there for us to experience life with thoughts that come and go. Our mind holds our values, which includes the value of yourself. And girl, you are valuable! If we take care of our mind by nourishing it with positive thoughts, we will be gifted with positivity in return. Not only should we cherish our mind & body, but thank them for being our literal back bone since the beginning.   

Here’s a little daily exercise to try: 

  1. Find a cozy and peaceful spot in your home (in front of a mirror is best)
  2. Slip into your favorite BB matching set
  3. Grab your journal or anything to write on
  4. Make a list of things you love about you. And I’m talking about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Go into as much or as little detail as you possibly want. Learn to fall more in love with the things that you love about you. 
  5. Now make a list of things you want to love more; maybe something you haven’t even thought you could love about you. Work on loving those things more and more every single day, and nurturing those loving thoughts.

Like my beautiful friend Nina always says ‘you cannot hate yourself into a better place.’ And it’s true. You can only love yourself into a better place. Now that doesn’t mean there won’t be hard AF times along the journey, but don’t hate yourself for those hard times, because they in the end beautifully shape us into who we are.

You are YOU and no one can ever take that away; ever. Love THAT. Remember that loving you starts with every part of your beautiful being; your body, mind, & emotions. Start out small, slip on those undies and build that empire of loving thoughts! You got this!  

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