Life A.Q. (After Quarantine)

Life A.Q. (After Quarantine)

What a crazy world we are living in right now. I seriously still can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that we are actually living through this time. We, as millennials, are living through something that I only thought I’d ever read about in history class (don’t be fooled, I never actually did that reading). Well, news flash, it’s happening here and now, right before our thought to be filtered view, and no I’m not just talking about the murder hornets (but seriously wtf were those?). 

Anyways, as we begin this ‘transitional’ period that much the nation is right now, there are so many precautions to take, questions to ask, and weird silence and motions when trying to figure out if you should get in the elevator with someone. 

From a recent poll we shared on our Instagram Stories, we learned that most of you babes don’t actually hate quarantine and are still staying at home (78% of you to be exact) even though your city/state has reopened. Those of you who are going out (and hopefully wearing a mask) are seeing family over friends and really only dining outdoors. For those leaving the house, major kudos. I just have one question.. What are you wearing?

What I think I look like at my first public outing post quarantine:


Ok but… 1. These sweatpants are all that fit me right now and 2. The public is lucky that I am even wearing pants. I mean seriously… after 4 months where ‘getting ready for work’ meant wearing the same BB matching set and sweatshirt as the day before how can one be expected to wear such a thing as pants again? Let alone ones that aren’t a unisex fit with an elastic waistband. My jeans for sure have to have imagined me dead by now. 

As some of us maneuver how to safely leave quarantine and try and get back to a somewhat normal routine outside of the walls of their home, and others choose to stay in, snack every hour, and only talk to their dog... just remember that we are all figuring out how to live this ‘new normal’ together.

So what’s next? If only we had all the answers. We do, however, have some tips for how you can safely transition into the outside world after quarantine.

Tips for Life A.Q.:

  • Wear a mask. You can save lives and hide your RBF, win-win. We are loving these reusable (and fashionable) ones from Strut-This. Plus, you can buy one and donate one.
  • Wash your hands. I can’t believe it took a nationwide pandemic for people to actually have good hygiene. Don’t have 20 seconds? We know you’re busy. Grab this Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer from Megababe. It kills 99.9% of germs, close enough right? It’s also plant-based and free of all that crap you don’t want in your skincare products.
  • Be cautious, but not afraid. Don’t be afraid to live your life, just be smart! The Mayoclinic is sharing some pretty standard safety tips for how to ease back in to going out while still being cautious. 
  • Support small businesses. If you’re going to dine outside, don’t do it at Chili’s. If you don’t already know your local mom + pop dining establishments, use websites like Thrillist or OpenTable to discover small private dining in your area. 
  • Stay in touch. Even as you begin to see some friends + family in person, continue the snail mail and virtual happy hours you started in quarantine because why not? We’re loving these stationary sets from Rifle Paper Co. Want to make it even easier? There’s an app for that. Download Ink or TouchNote to your phone and send physical cards instantly from any smart device. 
  • Be kind. Remember that everyone is figuring this shit out as they go and literally no one knows wtf they’re doing. 

    And remember, you can still be ‘100% that bitch’ at home in sweatpants. ;)


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