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Keeping It Sexy In Quarantine

Keeping It Sexy In Quarantine

Girl! What a whirlwind of a few months it’s been. Am I right? I feel like the world came to a literal halt due to COVID and everything that we knew kind of just disappeared. Since most of us have been in quarantine, to some level, over the last couple of months it can seem almost impossible to stay afloat in all of life’s pieces. UGH. One thing you cannot lose sight of is keeping the fire in your relationship. I get it- you’re surrounded by your partner literally 24/7, fighting over WFH space, laundry, hand sanitizer and random other shit that just seems to get in the way, but you love them through it. (I promise, you do!) You may be thinking, how TF do I keep it hot in the bedroom so that our sex life is killing it, right? It can seem hard to figure out, but it’s not impossible. 


Keep Things Spontaneous 

Just because you are stuck in the house together, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it fun and spontaneous. Try these simple, but sexy tips to keep things interesting.


  •     Send sexy texts from the next room while your boo is on a Zoom call with his team from work. Yeah, they may see them check their phone, but they won’t know what those texts say. Say something like, “Meet me in the bedroom at 2PM.” Once they show up make sure you’re in your best BB set and ready for some fun. 

Think texts like:

  • “What’s the hottest thing I can do for you after this call?”
  • “Come check out my new BootayBag ASAP”
  • “Just wanted to text you to tell you that I am not wearing much of anything right now...thinking about you…”

  •     No zoom calls to interrupt? How about hopping in the shower with them after a nice workout together? No notice, full surprise and 100% steamy. Yes please. Find a perfect at-home workout on BB’s IGTV here

  •     Been there, done that? Cook dinner naked. I mean, why not? (unless you have kids or others in the house). And by naked, we mean nothing but your BB undies, babe. ;) Check out some of our favorite healthy recipes that won’t break the bank here. 

  •     Plan an impromptu date night in the house. Set the mood by dressing up in your hottest outfit, light candles and make (or order, no judgment) your partner their favorite dish. Put away the phones, turn off any distractions and indulge in some deep conversation. Once dinner is done, be the dessert they desire. Strip down to your even hotter outfit ;) What matching set are you wearing? 

  •     Get outside! Find new adventures to have together that you didn’t have time for before. Yes, there are a ton of businesses still closed, but there are plenty of outdoor locations that you can enjoy together. Take in a local hiking spot and picnic at the top of the mountain or end of your trail. Doing new things together can light a dim spark to a full fire again in no time.

Favorite adventures we’re taking:

  • Picnic in the park
  • Waterside stroll @ sunset 
  • Hike a nearby mountain to take in the sunrise
  • Plan a pool session together
  • Order out and have a “in car” date sharing food from your favorite local spot


Listen, we have been dealing with some really insane times. No one could have guessed this or planned for this or experienced it in their wildest dreams, right? It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It’s draining and annoying AF, but not impossible to get through. These trying times as a world can blossom into the most intimate as a couple if you handle things the right way. Communication and love will get you through any roadblocks you may be having. If you feel like you are struggling with intimacy issues right now, you’re not alone. Be open with your partner about it and try some of these fun, light-hearted ideas to get you back on track and satisfied. 

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