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No Pants Blog

No Pants Blog



You’re probably wondering… “Wait whaaaat? BootayBag has a blog? Since when?”
Well, Since 2020 ;)

Welcome to the No Pants Blog, babe! That’s right, you heard it here first… pants are optional.

Here’s the 411: We’re real women with real-life shit going on every damn day. We are one-in-the-same, and we’re here to let you know you are not alone. We’re opening up the conversation to share that it’s all relatable. You’ve been there, we’ve been there. This blog is for you - a mix of light-hearted content, and a deep-dive into the real shit no one talks about.

So with that,
we ask that you please ask the hard questions and submit topics of interest. Let’s try our best to get through this thing called life together. Please keep in mind we are by no means experts here, (pretty damn far from it) but we want to share and celebrate the good, and laugh at the ugly, together. Why go through life in the dark? We’re here to shine the light.

Here’s how it works: 
We want to hear from you! All of our content is going to be based off of submissions from our community. To start, we are going to be opening this up on our Instagram Stories, so keep your eyes peeled for your opportunity to chime in on the conversation! We mean it when we say, ask us anything. There is no limit on the discussion we can have together as women! We can’t wait to get to know ourselves, our community, and you, the best that we can through collaboration and conversation.  

PS - Are you a writer? Educator? Entrepreneur? Or just a boss babe?? We are looking to bring on some collaborators and guest authors so keep your eyes peeled for a submission form coming soon! 

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