Home Decor On A Budget

Home Decor On A Budget

Whether you want to turn your Dorm Room into the most Instagramable spot on Campus (AYE!) or you just spent all of your life savings on the cutest house that you now cannot afford to decorate. I’ve got you. Here are my top 5 tips to flip a room right side up, honey.

1.Fixtures. Now, I gotta be honest, I don’t know the Dorm rules on this. I know the saying “ask for forgiveness” is a real thing, but in this case, I do suggest asking first. Losing your deposit or all hope of your parents ever co-signing for you ever again is not worth a light fixture. In most cases, if you keep the original fixture, offer to replace it on your own and reinstall the old fixture upon moving out, you should have no issues. If the rules say NO, go thrifting for a floor lamp and utilize the fixture there instead! Fixtures can completely transform a room without breaking the bank. Visit Amazon or Wayfair for some of the grandest deals around.

2. Wall Art. Did you know it doesn’t have to cost a fortune? Etsy printables are where it’s at. Search digital printing and have yourself a hay day. Best part, most shops give you options. You can either have the design printed and sent to your door or order the art digitally and send it in yourself for printing. I have price comp’d this. if you have the time and have a tighter budget, I suggest getting the high resolution image printed yourself to save you a few bucks. Use those saved bucks and put them toward a bold frame.

3. Make it cozy. Little touches such as throw pillows, blankets and candles are inexpensive purchases that can make your space feel like home. Throw pillows can run you $50 a pop. My suggestion is to grab some old pillows and order covers that fit your style from Amazon. Best place to find quality blankets and candles without breaking the bank is TJ MAXX or Marshalls. Hot tip. Whenever I would call my mom in College or when I first moved out of state and told her I was homesick, she would send me candles that reminded me of home. Give it a try.

4. Organization and Storage. This is most important for small spaces. There are easy, inexpensive ways to keep your space clutter free. Do you have unused space under your bed? Empty drawers? Overhead closet space? Every inch can be maximized. Clothing racks are a trendy way to showcase your favorite items. End cap the rack with hats, use the bottom to store shoes and even hang jewelry.

5. The Stand Out. Before starting in on any new space, I want you to ask yourself this question. How do I want people to feel when they are in my home? Be mindful about every little thing you buy. What is the purpose? Does it fit the intention you’ve created for your space?

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