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Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

I genuinely used to cringe when someone would ask me, "What is your purpose?" or "What are you passionate about?" Like, how TF do I figure that one out? Nothing like a loaded question from a total stranger sitting next to me on a long flight. I am passionate about pizza. Does that mean I am supposed to tr(eat) pizza as my purpose? Now I am officially freaking out.

I was quite literally searching for my purpose in all of the wrong places and felt incredibly lost until the day that question was reframed for me and now I ask everyone, "What is your why?"
Look, I know this can sound like an overwhelming task, but I am here to help you.
Pull out your sleek notebook, a cute pen and let's. get. to. work.

Ask yourself these five questions:
  1. What am I doing when I feel my absolute favorite self?
  2. How am I adding value to those around me?
  3. What are my greatest strengths?
  4. What is my mission statement?
  5. How will I measure my life?

Now, bathe in all your "why" glory. Sure, maybe right now all you see are words or doodles, but your answer is a unique combination of all the things on that beautiful piece of paper. Do not overthink it, do not try to piece it all together right this second IF what you are looking at is not completely igniting you. Our why is not surface level, it isn't a specific amount of money or a job or a partner or a status. In my experience, your why is number 90% number 5. How will you measure your life? You decide what you stand for and you live in alignment with it. Pay attention to how you feel, yes - feel, when you are going through the motions of your day to day. What moments are you looking forward to and why? Dive in with no judgement, no restrictions. Tuck any expectations about what you thought you'd be or who you'd be in a box that is contained by a chastity belt of sorts. Give yourself permission to explore what makes you feel the most YOU. Your why is slapping you right in the face. In a loving, sassy, pay attention to me kind of way.
If you are still sitting with a blank face backed by a confused brain, end your list by writing down the answer to this question. What is your greatest weakness? Sit with that one for a moment. Once you wrap your beautiful head around it, think of how you can turn that weakness into your greatest strength. We wildly bizarre, curious, tough human beings often shove baby in the corner if you know what I mean. Let your freak flag fly and even if it is just for tonight, entertain the idea that you can be successful, fulfilled, fruitful and genuinely happy embracing the parts of you that feel foreign, tucked away and shamed.
Stop Googling "What career path best suits my personality?" and start taking action.

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