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Embracing Self Love

Embracing Self Love

Girl, in a world where you should always be queen, self-care should be your trusty magical wand to get sh*t done. Seriously, how often do you prioritize taking care of you throughout the ever-too-real pressures and endless to-do lists of the daily grind? Not often? Yeah, we get it. As women, we tend to put our own care last, but, new year, new mentality is coming in hot, so it’s time to change up that mindset and start taking care of you, babe. 


Self-love is essential

Why is it so much easier to give love to others than it is to love ourselves fully? This question is such an essential piece of understanding how to begin loving ourselves to the fullest. Do you know how many people begin to babble off a list of people they love, when asked, and always forget to say, “me?’ TOO MANY. You are the most important person in your life. Stop putting other people in front of yourself. Stop choosing other people’s joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment above your own. Your selflessness is admirable, babe, but let’s circle back to you. Self-love is the basis to all other positive aspects of your life. If you can’t find ways to love yourself, all other pieces of your life won’t be as beautiful as they could be. Starting right now, put yourself on a pedestal and celebrate all the things that make you stunning, babe. 


Here are some of our fave things to do:

  • Schedule “me time” every week and do things that you love.
  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Treat yourself to a monthly subscription that brings you joy (aka monthly undies, but we might be bias ;))
  • Spend a whole day lounging in your fave BB matching set, splurging on takeout and indulging in a Netflix marathon (have you seen Bridgerton yet?!).
  • Find time every day to move your body in a way that makes you feel good inside (we prefer dancing in our undies to our ‘Yeah Girl’ playlist).


Celebrate the skin you’re in 

Authenticity is always in style, sis. Stop trying to change up the way you look just to fit the status quo of the season. Newsflash: you’re beautiful just as you are, so get used to it and embrace it. Everyone has flaws, inside and out, but that doesn’t make them less-than. Differences make us special and we need to start embracing them more. Instead of always thinking about how you look, from one moment to the next, consider how you feel. If an outfit makes you feel flawless then you better werk, girl. And if something makes you uncomfortable in your skin, keep on movin’. Your style should be a reflection of who you are in all facets. Share your light and beauty with the world. To feel sexy in your own skin, we highly recommend slipping into a pair of our favorite undies and celebrating all that you are. Get it, babe. 


Say good-bye to the negativity

No seriously, babe, cue Ciara’s, “level up,” hit because it’s time to level tf up and get rid of the toxic in your life. We all have it, some of us are just carrying around more baggage than others. Whatever the case, we are here to tell you, it’s all good, but it’s time to take out the trash. Whatever is causing you stress, anxiety, heartache, depression or self-doubt needs to be left out on the curb. 2021 is all about cleaning up and creating a space for yourself that is overflowing with self-love, happiness, peace and calm (especially after the dumpster fire that was 2020).  


Some of our favorite ways to nix the negativity are:

  • Deleting or unfollowing people on social who make you feel shitty.
  • Blocking your ex’s number.
  • Saying no to people and things that you don’t want to associate with.
  • Setting boundaries in your personal and professional life.
  • Changing your mindset about how to handle bad situations in your life.
  • Decluttering your mind and your physical space, ridding yourself of anything that does not bring you joy. 


No matter what happens in life, you always have you. Self-love is essential to living an intentionally beautiful life. This year we encourage you to find things that bring you true happiness, a fulfilled sense of peace and beauty in every step. Some days you may not feel like it, but we promise you are worth it, babe. You deserve the world, so, go on and get it. 

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