BB Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Intimate Drawers

BB Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Intimate Drawers

The weather is warmer. The days are longer. And your intimate drawers are in need of some attention. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. All you want to do is sit outside and enjoy the weather or drive around blasting music with the windows down, but your dresser isn’t going to clean itself. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some tips to make spring cleaning as easy as possible so you can make room for new BootayBag styles. 

Make time to get it done all at once

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is ‘I’ll finish this tomorrow.’ Schedule an hour or two in the day to go through all your intimates. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to interrupt plans or a Netflix binge to get it done. 

Throw on some background music

We know… any kind of cleaning sucks. But some good tunes can make it a little more bearable. We’re listening to our ‘Yeah Girl’ Spotify playlist. Trust us, you’re going to need a soundtrack to dance around your bedroom when you come across an old pair of undies that hold an old memory or two of when ya wore them. ;) 

Get organized

Throwing your underwear in a drawer and forcing it closed is sooo relatable. As much fun as it is to stick your hand in and pull out a surprise pair, we’re trying to actually organize what’s in there. Keep your matching sets together in a drawer so you never have to go searching for your Carey bralette and thong when you’re in a rush. More of a mix and match kind of girl? Stash your thongs together on one side with your cheeky styles on the other… and you’ll probably want to reserve a full drawer for your fave BB bralettes. ;) 

Separate by style and wear

Girl, those old undies made a home in the back corner of your drawer for a reason. And that torn lace bralette? It has more wrinkles than wears. Start by sorting out your everyday styles, gym thongs, period undies (we all have them), and your sexy styles. Now you can determine which ones you have too many of and which ones have seen their days… 

Reward yourself always (duh)

Out with the old, in with the new! Now that your tattered and torn panties are a thing of the past, it’s time to reward yourself with some new BootayBag undies + matching sets.  If you haven’t already, get going on the Spring cleaning and shop this month’s styles… they’re almost gone! 


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