5 Ways to Have Your Best At-Home Photo Shoot

5 Ways to Have Your Best At-Home Photo Shoot

Happy Body Positivity Month! We’re here to remind you that there’s never, and we mean NEVER, a wrong time to celebrate your body or practice self love. Our bodies do so much for us and we want to encourage you to remember that this month and beyond.

Looking for a fun way to practice loving your body this month? Slide into your new BootayBag matching set and have yourself an at-home photo shoot! Whether you decide to keep the photos to yourself or use it for some fun content to share on social media (be sure to tag us @bootaybag_) , you can use this moment to celebrate all that you are and to get your creative juices flowing. Below are some of our best tips:

Get Creative with Your Backdrop!

You’re first thought of using a backdrop in your home is probably panic. Maybe the rooms you have in mind are a bit messy or don’t have the best lighting. All of that aside, you can totally get creative in terms of how you want your backdrop to look. Some options include a plain wall or even a tapestry or sheet.

Don’t hesitate to use some of the products in your home to amplify your backdrop a little bit. Have some indoor plants or house decor that can jazz up your pictures? Go for it! Maybe a little organized mess in the back is what makes your photos stand out in the end ;)

Wear What Makes You the Most Comfortable

This is probably the most important tip on this list. I’m a firm believer that a good matching set can boost your mood, so why not go for it? We hope you feel your best in your BB but there’s no shame in styling it with something a little fuller coverage. 

Whether it’s a cute look you haven’t worn out yet or it is just your fave set from this month’s BootayBag (all else optional), the choice is entirely yours. We know you’ll look amazing either way!

Play Around With Lighting

Not all spaces are blessed with great lighting, especially if your space is on the darker side. If you’re looking for a good lighting option, you can never go wrong with the natural light coming from a window.

You can also play around with other forms of light like colored ones or fairy lights to add a unique twist to your pictures.

Self Timer is Your Best Friend

Yes, having that go-to person to take photos for you is always convenient, but it is absolutely not necessary! Using the self-timer feature on your camera or phone will handle that all for you. Prop your phone up on whatever works best for you, turn the self-timer on and start posing.

Celebrate YOU!

This activity is meant to be fun, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It never hurts to take a look at social media or Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration, or the BB IG feed of course ;) but going by your own rules is just one factor that will make your at-home photo shoot unique to you and only you!


At the end of the day, no one is you and that’s what makes you so amazing! Turn on your hot girl playlist (we all have one), snap some pictures and if you really love it, do it all over again and share them with us! Xx

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