5 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Badass Babe

5 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Badass Babe

Have you hit that point yet where you’re kind of like, “oh shit, my mom was right about everything”? Or maybe you’ve even had a really badass stand-up for yourself moment and thought, “that’s right! I got it from my momma!” Whatever the case may be, moms teach us a lot about how to navigate this world and live life to the fullest, right? Even when they’re being overly cautious and worried about us blossoming into the badass babes we were meant to be, there are lessons to be found and held on to for life. Moms are seriously the backbone of our world and give us so much to be proud of. From our amazing intelligence and killer personality to our to die for good looks and never ceasing mental fortitude, we owe our moms a lot every day of the year, even if you’re not sure you want to admit that yet, sis. Here are the most important things my mom taught me about living life with a badass babe mentality day in and day out.


Always be yourself.

Yes, we’ve been told this forever by literally everyone in our inner circle, but have we actually listened to that advice? Probably not, but girl, today (right now!) is the time to live this way. Whoever you are, whatever makes you happiest and most fulfilled is the way you should align each of your days. Don’t shrink yourself to fit into a room that doesn’t quite match your personality. Instead, show up as you are and show off the vibrancy that makes you all that you are. It is so important for your mental and emotional health to live your life authentically, so, listen to your momma, kids!




Don’t bend when it comes to your standards.

Girl! If you learn nothing else today, let this momma lesson resonate with your soul. Seriously, don't ever, ever, (ever, ever ever!!!) lower your standards to meet someone (or something) in the middle. Your standards were set for a reason. Your standards are based on your own personal definition of happiness, fulfillment and commitment. Don’t commit yourself to something, someone or somewhere that is below your ideal standard. Think about it this way: if you had the choice, would you wear granny panties or a cute BB set under your hot girl summer dress to a yacht party? Yeah, we’d go with the BB, too. Don’t opt out of your own commitment just because it's easier or more convenient in the moment. Stick by what you believe in and don’t you dare budge, sis. 




Avoid people who make your life more difficult.

This feels like a no-brainer, but we fall into this trap waaaay too often, right? Ugh. You know those people you keep around because it would be easier than giving them the boot? Today is the day to say, good-bye, see ya never. Yes, we are talking about the narcissistic “friend” and your crazy ex boyfriend here (boy, bye!). Surrounding yourself with people who make your life more difficult is a self-destructive way to drain your energy and lower your self-worth. Instead, surround yourself with people who lift you up, support you, encourage you and stand up for you always. Find you a girl gang that shouts your name to the moon in a room full of open opportunities. Soul sisters are a thing and much needed to live a fulfilling and happy life. You’ll see how much more carefree you feel when you rid yourself of difficult baggage. 



Stand up for what you believe in even if you’re standing alone.


Your opinion matters. Your values are invaluable. Your thoughts are valid and should be shared. Now- read that back and remember it. Sometimes it’s f**king scary to share your opinion with others, especially when they believe the opposite of what you do. We get it and we understand how terrifying it can be, but we promise, it’s worth it. Standing up for yourself is important in all facets of your life. From your relationships to your career, standing up for yourself will put you in a position to reach your full potential happily. At the end of the day, if you’ve spoken your peace, that is what matters the most. Stay true to what you believe in and always stand ready to share what's on your mind, babe. 



You can do anything you set your mind to.

No, seriously though, you can achieve every, single dream you have in your head with a lot of heart and hardwork. Whether you want to create and scale up an underwear subscription company for badass women around the world (we see you, Elly!), run a marathon, backpack through Europe, swim naked in Tahiti or become the next President of the United States, girl, you can! Your dreams are what set your soul on fire, so don’t ever lose sight of them. Believe you can and you will, we promise, babe. 


Moms give the best advice, there’s no denying that. From here on out we encourage you to follow your dreams, listen to your heart, dance freely in your BB underwear and do all the little and big things that make you the happiest. Listen to my favorite mom advice and you’re on your way to mapping out a beautiful future, I can already see it, babe. 






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