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Too many panties? NEVER

Hey babes,

I think it’s time we get real about something, why do so many of us hold onto old underwear for so long? It’s as if we cling to them like an awful ex or a bag of potato chips during that time of the month. Many ladies think that once they buy a pair of underwear it will last them forever, but that is far from true. Think about all the tattered, stained, old undies you have sitting in the drawer (you know the ones I’m talking about). For some reason throwing them out never occurs to us. Before Bootaybag I had a drawer full of old underwear that I would be mortified if anyone saw. I’m sure many of you feel the same, yet here you are with an old drawer full of old panties.

Another issue I always seemed to face was that I never managed to have enough underwear to last me until the next laundry day. I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator and I put off doing laundry until I completely run out of underwear (don’t act like you’ve never done it), or I find that I don’t have any “cute” ones to wear anymore.

Ladies, it’s time to break up with your old underwear and welcome in the new and improved! Enter Bootaybag, the monthly underwear subscription that is both cute and charitable. After selecting your preference each month you will receive an adorable pair of undies right to your door. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or even a friend. As many of us do, I get incredibly excited when I receive anything in the mail, especially when it is a product of my online shopping endeavors. I’m always excited to see what they surprise me with each month. I can also feel good about my monthly Bootaybag purchase because they donate some of their proceeds to Melanoma research. If you feel you don’t need a month, you can always skip one (but I promise you wont want to miss out on a single month).


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