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One thing we can all agree upon, spending an entire paycheck to update your underwear drawer is not something we enjoy. ++ while the *sale bins* part of the department store super annual sales are a steal, sorting though the disarray of styles + colors just to even find something in your size can be overwhelming ++ frankly, it takes *forever*! Farewell to elbowing your way through just to grab that last pair in your size, we discovered something that’ll change how you shop for underwear — forever!

Whether you consider yourself an *online shopping queen* or someone who hates making the trip down to the mall just to give your underwear drawer a reset, you’re gonna love BootayBag!


It’s tough enough to schedule at time the gym//time to cook healthy meals//etc. with all your other commitments — shopping for the essentials shouldn’t add to that stress on your schedule. The perfect solution for the *ultra busy* CHAARG girl? — underwear that’s mailed right to your door.


Okay, okay — we know it sounds like some *crazy monthly subscription thang*. But trust us on this : ) — with the convenience to choose a size, style + option to either recieve two pairs for a single month, or for the entire year — we’re never going back to buying from the mall! ++ with the cute, secretive packaging disguising the goods, you’re mailman will be none the wiser — your secrets safe. ; )

++ Teresa from


"CHAARG aims to ignite a passion in college-aged girls for health + fitness. Too many college girls rely solely on an elliptical. CHAARG liberates girls from the elliptical + shows them that fitness can [+ SHOULD] be fun! Since every girl has a different preference of what fun is, we create opportunities for our CHAARG girls to “find their fit.” We do this by partnering with local studios once a week to lead a workout, whether it be CrossFit, Pure Barre, or salsa dancing — and everything in between."


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