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Everyone is fighting a different battle, but that doesn't mean you have to fight alone.   Why The Melanoma Research Foundation?  Little did we know that Melanoma is the most common cancer among young adults (25-29) and the second most common cancer for young people (15-29). We are joining the #GETNAKED Melanoma Research Foundation campaign to spread awareness of this disease and what each of us can do to lower our chances of being at risk of Melanoma. At BootayBag we encourage our babes to be the best and healthiest they can be because what's #UnderMatters, so, #GETNAKED AND CHECK YOURSELF; IT...

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Too many panties? NEVER

Hey babes, I think it’s time we get real about something, why do so many of us hold onto old underwear for so long? It’s as if we cling to them like an awful ex or a bag of potato chips during that time of the month. Many ladies think that once they buy a pair of underwear it will last them forever, but that is far from true. Think about all the tattered, stained, old undies you have sitting in the drawer (you know the ones I’m talking about). For some reason throwing them out never occurs to us....

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UNDERWEAR DELIVERY SERVICE? MEET THE COOLEST NEW COMPANY, BOOTAYBAG One thing we can all agree upon, spending an entire paycheck to update your underwear drawer is not something we enjoy. ++ while the *sale bins* part of the department store super annual sales are a steal, sorting though the disarray of styles + colors just to even find something in your size can be overwhelming ++ frankly, it takes *forever*! Farewell to elbowing your way through just to grab that last pair in your size, we discovered something that’ll change how you shop for underwear — forever! Whether you consider yourself an *online shopping queen* or someone who...

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  In honor of "Movember" we are pairing up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help our manly friends for a change. Since 2003 millions have grown out their mustaches and joined the movement, raising over $650 million dollars to support prostate and testicular cancer. I know for many of us ladies the idea of no shave November can sometimes be a love hate relationship, but this month we are creating a mustache of our own for an amazing cause. Each November BootayBag will come stamped with a mustache, adorable right? All we are asking is for you babes to take a...

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Starting BootayBag

  Hello Babes! My name is Elly and I am the founder of BootayBag. I first got the idea for BootayBag in my "too broke for Hanky Panky and too busy for the laundry matt" phase of my life. Not only was my personal underwear drawer needing a facelift, but finding time to do so wasn't on the top of the priority list. I knew that I couldn't be the only women guilty of this... As years passed I thought why not do the shopping for the thousands of other women who don’t have time to shop for their own underwear. With the right price...

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July Undies Preview

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