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How to get started with BootayBag

What is BootayBag?

How do I create a subscription?

What can I expect in my BootayBag?

What are the style options?

Do you take requests?

When can I expect my first order?

When will you ship my order?

Do I have to be home to receive my order?

How much is shipping?

Do you ship internationally?

Is it free to join/cancel?

Billing Questions

When will I be billed?

How much is the recurring payments?

Why was my subscription renewed?

Can I skip an order or orders?

What’s your cancellation policy?

What is the delivery schedule?

Updating your Subscription

How do I create a customer account?

What if I can't log into my account?

How do I change my subscription preferences?

How do I cancel my subscription?


What is your return and refund policy?

What if I receive something other than what I was expecting?

What if my BootayBag is damaged or doesn't fit?

More questions?

How Do I Care for my BootayBag Undies?

Does BootayBag give back?

Do you take suggestions for donations?

What if I have a question or need to contact BootayBag?

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